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Mensagem por Fred Maciel em Ter Set 22, 2015 11:39 am

Good Morning Ladies and Gents,

I think some introductions might be a good starting point for this forum.

My name is Fred Maciel, I am 33, and currently teaching in Ribeirão Preto. I teach Music at a well-known conservatoire here and also give private music classes. My main instrument is acoustic guitar, but I also teach music theory, harmony, music history and electrical guitar (occasionally).
Although I am quite experienced with teaching - my BA is in Music Education - I had never taught English before I came to Eurodata. It turned out to be a highly pleasant experience and I am delighted to be dividing my work load in these two areas - English and Music.
I learnt English when I was a teenager, but like many others, I stopped practicing after I finished the school's regular course - somewhere around the Upper Intermediate level. However, I had a few years ago the opportunity to do a masters degree in Liverpool, UK, so it was imperative that I honed my English to be accepted and more importantly, to 'survive university' - academic writing, oral presentations, etc.
Concerning hobbies (not hobbits) I love basketball, films, books, politics (left-wing always), beer, music, and music, and music.. Smile
So that's just a little about me and my history with English and Eurodata.

Introduce yourselves!

All the best,

Fred Maciel

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Mensagem por Janilde Oliveira em Ter Out 13, 2015 10:54 am

Bom dia!!!

Estou feliz com a sua participação.
Por favor, continue comentando e expondo a sua opinião para que possamos levar informação e aprendizado de qualidade aos nossos aluno.


Janilde Oliveira

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